Automatic Strap for Enduro / Offroad

New for Enduro & Offroad Riding – Designed and Made in France


Fittings compatible with

most OffRoad Motorcycles


Carbon Fibre Reinforced

Tensile strength: 300 kg


Easy to install, easy to use

With friends or alone

Engine ... Action!

Integrated “Action Cam” support

A new perspective on your rides

Stuckmate in the Press

Stuckmate test @ Roof Of Africa by Enduro World Magazine


ENDURO WORLD MAY 2016 pg52 bis


In Polish Magazine “X-Cross”…



How it works?

It’s simple but he had to think! 5m high strength cable, an automatic rewind system, a ratchet pawl

Stuckmate helps you in all difficult situations, instantly

Robust, reliable, lightweight (Carbon Fiber 650g)


and instantly pull up to 5m cable!

a hand holding the clutch

the cable remains tight and never touches the ground


Stuckmate is ready to resist up to 300 kilos to get you out!

pulling you straight ahead, without imbalance

the cable remains tight and never touches the ground


… no need to stop to detach the strap!
you finish your uphill with all the momentum provided
you hang up the handle to the housing once the obstacle cleared (for more safety)

In competition

On the going or on “extreme test” Stuckmate is immediately available to get you out of the most difficult situations.
– No need to rely on provident spectators who bring a strap in big climbs, you go out when others get stuck
– no more time wasted to hang a strap to a fork tube
no more lateral imbalance when you are helped: the cable is centered on the axis of the bike: where you want to go
no discomfort: Stuckmate weighs only 650g

in riding

– Whoever has the belt in his backpack is not yet here?
He has already left for the next junction?
His phone does not pick up?
You find yourself alone?

In riding with friends or solo Stuckmate is always there to get you out of missteps.

with friends

Unlock the handle and give to those who can help,
Unroll up to 5m cable,
He pulls you: Stuckmate transmits up to 300 kilograms of traction effort
You progress: the cable automatically fits into the housing
– No waste of time
– No wasted effort
– Maximum efficiency


Unlock and unroll up to 5m cable,
Attach the handle to a fixed point,
At each progression the cable automatically fits into the housing
At each stop the cable stretches itself and holds the bike
You take your breath
You resume your supports
You progress without rolling backwards

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