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Fork dimensions Measurements to comply with the fork of your bike Download
Template Use the template to check the accuracy of the Stuckmate fitting around your headlights Download
Operating and installation instructions Operating and installation instructions Download
User's feedback

Riply 296: “I just tested this morning and it’s TOP. You can go do hard and slippery things solo it seriously helps. We were 3, I said to the other 2 not to help me on ultra slippery slab and climbing well. I place my cable, I clung to a tree and I started to try to climb, each took cm thou not waste a bit. It is always bursting to pass a hard thing alone but the other 2 have slipped several times on the slab fell several times and are at the bottom where I have never slipped. Another cool item, I slipped by pushing 2 times next to the bike, my supports were stolen and just hold on to the handlebars, the bike does not fall and me neither.

Image from a Forum

Feedback Riply296

Endurotracks: “We got something to test. Its calles Stuckmate and its for me the best Gadget ever…”

Image from Endurotracks’ Facebook Page

Feedback Endurotracks

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First video: go to 2 min 45 sec


Stuckmate required many calculations, prototyping, multiple versions and two patents. Here is the history of the product and its design.

The idea of stuckmate was born off road.

Whenever faced with a tricky climb, we would ask for help or help a friend become unstuck. However we’d often find that the person with the strap in their backpack had already gone, or was waiting further along the track (sounds familiar?). We would pull as hard as we could, but the guy on the bike would always become unbalanced by the uneven effort of the helpers


Even worse… stalled in a quagmire, we would jumping to secure our mate’s bike… and end the ride wet! Ah! If only he’d had a strap tied to the front of the bike, wrapped around the handlebars, he could have thrown it to us! Of course, it’s dangerous to have a wrapped strap around the handlebars… it could catch on branches or in the front wheel…

But what if the strap were stored safely in a box?… Eureka!



After that lightbulb moment, we went to the design phase and the first prototypes. The test results were conclusive

Stuckmate was patented in 2014 and an international extension commenced early in 2015.


For the final design we chose a Carbon Fiber reinforced polymer which ensures both recovery effort and lightness of the system. Hundreds of hours of calculations were necessary to finalise the design.



Calcul bras

March 2015

A first article on Stuckmate is published in French “Enduro Magazine”. The prototype is still a 3D printing in white plastic, but real parts will indeed be “Carbon Black”.

Enduro Magazine 78 - Mars Avril 2015

July 2015…

The first components are finally here!

Stress tests results are sound, and with a first start position, Guillaume Bourrand (FreerideConcept), former follower of Marc BOURGEOIS on the World Enduro Championship and French Enduro Championship, is using Stuckmate on one of the toughest races of the world … the Romaniacs!!!





Stuckmate is really designed and made in France

From the patent and all resistance calculations to specifically developed components and packaging, we chose French suppliers to offer you the best quality. Discover here our partners.

Industrial Property : Cabinet BLEGER-RHEIN-POUPON – Reims (51)

BLEGERRHEIN-POUPON advises on intellectual property and related rights (technological survey, domain names, unfair competition, contracts). Its mission is to assist in the procurement, maintenance, operation and defense of industrial property rights (patents, trademarks, designs ) and related rights.


Resistance calculations : DINCCS-Micado – Charleville-Mézières (08)

The DINCCS Technical Center (Technical Center Dedicated to Digital Engineering / Collaborative Design / Simulation) provides technical support, tools for SMEs to design parts complying with a set of mechanical loads, including the use of topological numerical optimization that minimizes the volume of material used and thus the mass of the parts.


Final Assembly : APF Entreprises 51 – Reims (51)

APF Enterprises is an A.P.F department (Association of Paralysed France). By using APF Entreprises, Stuckmate contributes to the employment of disabled workers.


Thermoplastic parts : MicroplastPerigny sur Yerres (94) :

Founded in 1983, the MICROPLAST company has activities in design , molding and assembly. MICROPLAST transforms by molding and overmolding some thermoplastics and elastomers on a set of 25 presses from 25 to 300 tons.



Textile cable: Cousin-Trestec – Werviq (59)

Located in the North of France, COUSIN Trestec specializes in the manufacture of ropes and textile braids. Its competence is developed through a clientele of various fields such as industry, offshore, lifting, handling, automotive but also boating, climbing, paragliding …

Cousin Trestec

Pull handle: Lambin et Ravau – Comines (59)

In 1900, the LAMBIN & RAVAU families come together and benefit from industrial development to launch in Comines production for weaving straps and ribbons. Closely following new technologies, successful business in the middle of the narrow textile and wins in the 60’s garment maker as on strap (lashing, lifting and safety).


Fasteners: Visserie Service – Parce sur Sarthe (72)

Visserie Service designs, produces and provides logistics fixing and anchoring systems.

Vis Express

Springs: AMS – Saucourt (80)

Manufacturer of springs for automotive, household appliances, cosmetics, locks, valves, leisure, AMS company exists since 1979. Thanks to the versatility of its set of machines, AMS is manufacturer from the small to large springs series (> million springs).


Packaging: Cartonnerie de l’Espérance – Reims (51)

The cardboard manufacturer was created in 1965 in Reims in the heart of the city, in “Hope Street” where it takes its name. Today, the cardboard manufacturer has 19 employees and turns some 4,000 tons of corrugated cardboard per year.

Cartonnerie de l'Esperance

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